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A Parent's Message

An interactive book of activities for
families of incarcerated loved ones

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About the Book

"A Parent's Message" is an interactive book of activities for families of incarcerated loved ones.

If you have a family member behind bars, or if you care for or work with children who have a parent in prison, this is a great book for you and your family to share. This text will act as a guide through the reunification process, and it includes removable worksheets that both kids and parents can complete to establish and maintain a healthy bond.

The book:

  • Aligns with goals of Parent Education Programs
  • Uses format for voluntary facilitated groups and/or self study
  • Supports incarcerated parent’s identity as a parent not offender
  • Facilitates re-establishing child-parent contacts, ties, and bonds
  • Fosters respectful kin or other caregiver family relationships
  • Provides lessons to translate parental love into parental caring
  • Promotes providing honest, factual information to the child
  • Uses mail – more beneficial, most common, least costly contact
  • Incorporates examination and evaluation of behaviors and progress
  • Evaluation and Record of Attitude Change and Personal Growth


What's included...

• 112 Pages of Parent Study Worksheets/Mailings
• 64 Parent-Child Communication Tear-Out Pages
• 24 Meaningful Parent Messages
• 20 Topics of Study and Communication
• 9 Focus Character Traits
• 26 to 52 Weeks of Purposeful and Personal Programming


Book Reviews

See what others are saying about our award-winning book. Check out our other reviews on GoodReads.

Cheri Fuller
Cheri Fuller, Redeeming the Family

This book is a must-have for Departments of Corrections. A practical, insightful resource that lays the groundwork for reunification of families separated by incarceration. I highly recommend this book!

Danielle H. Dallaire, PhD
Danielle Dallaire, Ph.D.

The activities and messages are clear and interesting and can help incarcerated parents and their children deal with the many of the emotions they will experience during this time of separation.

Brian Inks, LCSW
Brian Inks LCSW

It is my hope that federal and state correctional systems, educators, private companies, and organizations that support parents and children will take notice of this one-of-a-kind book.

About The Authors

Carolyn LeCroy

Carolyn LeCroy is an award-winning film and video producer through her company Women In Transition, LLC.

She has worked with correctional institutions and non-profit groups working with inner-city youth. Carolyn conducts workshops and training, provides motivational speaking, and does consulting and film work for public and private correctional agencies, and non-profit groups.

Ruth E. Clark, Ed.D.

Dr. Clark is a retired educator of nearly thirty-five years in education for the at risk and special needs children in both private and public schools.

Dr. Clark is the author of award-winning children's picture books. Dr. Clark writes extensively on child development, parenting, parent-child relationships, grand-parenting, and related topics.

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Learn More About The Messages Project

Healthy parental connections are essential to a child’s development. Children are the silent victims of their parent’s crime through the trauma and loss of the environment that has been their life. When a child’s parent is incarcerated and a healthy connection is maintained, it reduces the child’s risk for social, emotional, and educational problems. For the incarcerated parent, family connection decreases the likelihood of recidivism. Maintaining and enhancing the bond between the child and the incarcerated parent through video messages and other interactive media are the focal points of The Messages Project.

The Messages Project has recorded more than 10,000 video messages, which are sent to the children along with a book the parent has read to them. The Moms and Dads also write poems, sing songs, pray, and most importantly, send love to their children and families.